Sunday, September 14, 2008

Danny Williams unglued

Joanne at Blue Like You has an excellent post about Danny Williams’ and his "quarrel" with Stephen Harper (actually Williams is doing all the quarreling.) She points to a piece by CTV’s Robert Fife and to Rex Murphy’s column "Danny boy has gone too far".

Joanne ends by asking whether "William’s is having some kind of breakdown". That certainly seems probable. Danny Williams has been "going too far" for a long time. His obsessive hatred for Stephen Harper and his rabid campaign of demagoguery and intimidation are signs the man has become mentally unhinged.

I know it’s not pc to make fun of the mentally unstable but in this case the best cure may be parody, satire and ridicule. Williams might then begin to see how truly over-the-top goofy he is.

Where’s Rick Mercer when you need him?


Anonymous said...

Danny is the reincarnation of Joey Smallwood. He wants to control everything that is going on in the province. To achieve this, he must be the sole political power in the province. He already faces a woefully weak opposition; if he has his way, there will be no federal government ministers or MPs to challenge his supremacy.


JC Kelan

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the link!

Danny Williams is obviously motivated by revenge. This single-minded objective will be his downfall.

He is embarrassing the people whose interests he claims to protect.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this is the same Danny William's that used our Canadian flag has a hostage. Just remember back when Mr.Paul Martin of the Liberals was our PM.

This guy is just a loudmouth person. He reminds me of a baby.Take away is toy starts to jump and cry,because he can't his own way. Whatever he says I take it with a grain of salt. It goes threw one ear and comes out the other side. My point here is not to take him seriously I don't.

Anonymous said...

It isn't as if we haven't been told about Danny

Danny the dictator

Danny the fighter

Danny Smallwood

Vote for Danny OR ELSE

Danny answers his critics

The People's Campaign

Danny's patronage


Anonymous said...

Williams couldn't give a tinker's darn for what the rest of the country thinks. He wants absolute control of Newfoundland and that includes any potential future opponents in the conservative party. He is looking out for Newfoundland and himself and not necessarily in that order. I've notice that Fife and ctv are no longer talking about his claim.
All in all he reminds me of Chavez, idiot yet crafty. Only Newfoundlanders will be able to put him in his place and that might take a little doing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Newfoundlander, and I will say that I think that Danny has indeed gone to far, especially based on what I've read about what's going on in Fabian Manning's riding.

I think that Danny has a very legitimate grievance with Ottawa - I do think that we were given a lie, and in writing with signature no less, by the current Prime Minister, and that's wrong.

That being said... I'm also a conservative (as in the political ideology - not necessarily the party). Many of Danny's criticisms of Stephen Harper in recent days hit home, as I think that a lot of the spending cuts that Harper has made (which Danny alluded to) are good places to make spending cuts, if you're going to make them. Most of the cuts were made to non-essential governmental services that, to be frank, are more about political correctness than really serving the interests of all Canadians, or the interests of Newfoundlanders for that matter.

Frankly, I don't agree with Danny's increasingly left-wing ideas on the role that government has to play in society.

Being a proud Newfoundlander doesn't mean you give up your political beliefs purely for the sake of fighting Ottawa, and I simply don't agree with a lot of the policy attacks that Danny has been making against the federal conservatives lately. Danny should focus on the broken campaign promise, imo, and leave it at that.

The feud between Danny and Stephen is unfortunate to behold, as I was a supporter of both at one time, but find both harder to support as a result of the feud.

I think that both are right on the economy - I think that Danny has done a great commendable job there - and I agree with Stephen Harper's politics for the most part.

However, Danny has gone to far, and I think it's time for him to deal with the reality in front of him - yes, we were lied to. Yes, that was wrong of Stephen Harper. Yes, maybe it should cost Stephen Harper seats in Newfoundland.

However, Stephen Harper will almost certainly be Prime Minister when this election is over... it's time for Danny to let by-gones be by-gones and to move on.

Still... if Stephen Harper can apologize over a silly pooping puffin ad, then surely he can apologize to all Newfoundlanders for lying to us.

I wonder encourage conservatives in the rest of Canada to encourage Stephen Harper to do that.

Too many mainland Canadians think that it's just about getting hand-outs from Ottawa for us - no, it's the principal of the thing. The honesty principal - no more, no less.

But yes... Danny has gone too far, and I look forward to the day when hopefully we'll have a more diplomatic Premier in office.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ryan, I won't even pretend to understand all the implications of how Harper's 'broken promise' affects Newfoundland, but here is the Toronto Star's take on it - essentially that you can't have your cake & eat it too.

So it's about making a choice, as I see it.

JR said...

Thanks to all for the excellent comments.

And Joanne, thanks for that link to the Star editorial, with which I completely agree. It's great to see a left/lib mouthpiece cheering for Harper during an election.

Anonymous said...

Please say it is the principle of the thing, or we will send you to the principal's office.

I enjoyed your comments, however.