Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carbon hysteria will be the death of us

Last year BC Premier Gordon Campbell instituted North America's first carbon tax. Now the negative effects of that are beginning to be felt in healthcare:

The Lower Mainland's health authorities will have to dig more than $4 million a year out of their already stretched budgets to pay B.C.'s carbon tax and offset their carbon footprints.

... Fraser Health officials are grappling with a budget shortfall of more than $100 million and potential cuts to patient services, while low on their list, have not been ruled out.

I fully endorse Kate's message to Gordo and the rest of the "carbon cultists":
A personal message for our carbon cultist friends out there - when the costs of your government mandated climate scams begin to extend the government mandated wait lists for diagnosis and treatment, my only consolation will come from knowing that some [of] the family members who cease CO2 emission prematurely will be yours.
My local paper had a front page story today about Victoria health budget shortfalls but didn't mention the impact of carbon taxes and offsets.

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