Saturday, June 6, 2009

D-Day, Normandy Invasion

On D-Day, sixty-five years ago today, over 150,000 incredibly brave Allied soldiers went ashore on the coast of France initiating the assault phase of Operation Overlord, the Invasion of Normandy.

Over 14,000 Canadian soldiers landed at Juno Beach with 340 killed and 574 wounded.

Support our troops! Whenever, wherever. And write to the troops.


Anonymous said...

The easiest thing to do is leave a message on on Write to the Troops every week or so. I notice that unless there is a casualty or an anniversary like D-Day, there are not that many messages.

You can just write a sentence or two or a paragraph or so. I try to write a little bit in English and French. There are not enough messages from Quebec I find.

It is fun to read some of the messages from classes asked by their teacher to send messages. Probably not allowed here in Quebec as too politically incorrect.

JR said...

Thanks for a great suggestion!