Sunday, June 7, 2009

Omar Khadr’s story - so wholesome, so benign

Blazing Car Fur draws our attention to a recent version of Omar Khadr’s story. It’s a fanciful exercise in whitewashing the notorious Khadr family history:

Omar Khadr identified ... as a Canadian

father ... master's degree from the University of Ottawa

... [the Kahdr kids] like children of Canadian diplomats ... whose work took the family overseas for long stretches of time.

... Born into a family of two Canadian NGO workers

... attending first grade at the same Mississauga private school

... an orphanage [Omar’s father] had built in the refugee camps surrounding Peshawar

... Canadian from a devout family

... Omar was virtually indistinguishable from any other young teenager

... Blah, blah, blah

It all sounds so benign and wholesome. But other renditions exposing "Canada’s First Family of Terror" and "Canada’s Family of Convenience" remind us of the Khadr’s bin Laden and al Qaeda links, what they were actually doing "overseas" and what that "NGO" was up to.

Long story short, this is part of an on-going effort to rehabilitate the Khadr image and to get Omar out of Gitmo and back to Canada as another victim of the Canadian government’s collaboration with the evil Bush’s America - big lawsuit to follow. And don’t be surprised if the Obama administration helps the Khadrs get what they want.


KURSK said...

Oh those crazy anarchists..the disinformation, white washing, half truths and outright lies in that article is typical of a left that wishes to rehabilitate the Khadr family.

They must be fought and corrected publicly at every turn.

JR said...

Indeed - the Khadrs are bad news all round; and the left's support for them is very warped.