Monday, June 22, 2009

Jennifer Lynch on the war path. Keeping an "enemies" file.

Lately, CHRC Commissar-in-Chief Jennifer Lynch has been railing against bloggers, the MSM and others for their attacks on her abusive "human rights" regime. In today's National Post Joseph Brean quotes her complaints of "misinformation, gross distortions, caricaturizations" and her admission to keeping a file on her critics:

"I have a file. I'm sure I have 1,200, certainly several hundred of these things...".
Brean also notes that in all her complaints against her critics she appears to be in complete denial of "the more sober criticisms ... from her mainstream critics" including:

...the lack of a legal defense of truth or scholarly or journalistic intent; the practice of accepting identical complaints simultaneously in different jurisdictions; controversial online investigative procedures such as joining white supremacist discussion groups to investigate targets; and the potential for human rights tribunals to be hijacked as political platforms. [Memo to Joseph Brean: good points but these criticisms (and more) were levelled first and then pursued relentlessly by the less "sober" blogging class long before so-called mainstream critics stepped up.]
Blazing Cat Fur suggests that bloggers submit an Access to Information request to find out who is on her file and with whom she may have shared it.

Also we should remember who appointed Ms Lynch to her Commissar job in the first place. Perhaps it's time to write the Minister again and ask him why he hasn't fired her.

Ezra Levant: "What an odious woman ..."
(P.S. Congrats to the Levants on the birth of their new baby!)

Jay Currie: "the CHRC is much more like the Stasi ..."


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I read that article this morning too. The line about her keeping 'a file' was chilling.

I feel that this is the tipping point. If we give up now, then our freedoms will be in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

How does one go about getting one's name on this file? Anytime I can get my name on a file that is kept by such a dictatorial, tyrannical organization that is headed by a zealous bigot, is an opportunity I don't want to miss.

JR said...

Joanne, One does get the impression that Commissar Lynch is showing signs of desperation. If it's a tipping point that would be great.

Powell, That should be enough to get us both named in her "file". If so, good show! I'm considering submitting a ATI request to find out.

Anonymous said...

J.R., what's next; block commissars like China and North Korea that report on any violations to the prescribed party line? This weirdo is scary beyond belief!

Alberta Girl said...

I would wonder if we couldn't get a petition to take her before the HRC for "hate" against those who speak out against her.

I wonder if that just got my name on her "list"

gnonanon said...

I'm wondering if she has the due number of people represented from all religions in her Agency.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lynch is an out of control bureaucrat, who sees personal enemies around every corner of the blogosphere. V is for vendetta. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

JR said...

Alberta Girl, Good thought, but I think we'd have to belong to one of the CHRC's preferred protected groups. Maybe if we all got a sex change or converted to Islam or better yet - both.

gnonanon, I'm guessing the CHRC org is a model of pc 'diversity' (no straight white Christians, no straight white males, etc).

Fern, She certainly is exhibiting signs of paranoia. I only hope it's justified in the end - which would be when her political masters turn on her.

Anonymous said...


I've read the Koran and I know that Daniel Pearl, et al, was beheaded to follow the prophet's example. What I've read regarding Jews in the Koran is hate literature and should be brought immediately to the attention of the HRC. Maybe they can ban it, as it certainly promulgates hatred against an identifiable minority, i.e. Jews.

Deuce said...


Judging by the track record of the HRC these days, only Caucasian, nominally Christian, heterosexual, sound of body and mind males can commit hate crimes.

Anyone else, including Salaman Hossain who advocated the murder of Canadian and allied soldiers at home and abroad, incited acts of terrorism, openly published hate propaganda against Jews and the inhabitants of the Western world in general and committed acts of sedition has managed to avoid being criminally charged under "freedom of speech" provisions in the Charter.

As such, the Koran would not be rejected as hate literature. In fact, it would be lauded as "freedom of speech and religion".

Make no mistake, some people are more human than others when it comes to the HRC. And in order to attain that status of human being with human rights, anyone who is a Caucasian, nominally Christian, heterosexual, sound of body and mind male need not apply.