Friday, October 23, 2009

Communism, fascism and now climatism

Terence Corcoran in yesterday’s Post:

... a corporate-driven global PR machine, ... an avalanche of business-government co-operation the likes of which the world has never seen. ... the world’s leading environmentalists and green NGOs: The World Wildlife Fund, David Suzuki, the Sierra Club, Environmental Defence, Forest Ethics, the Pembina Institute and many more. Together with industry, they pressure government in the creation of the green industrial state. ...

The shape of the green industrial state rises out of a not-so-attractive place in history. The two great theories of modern statism are part of the recent past: Communism has been dead for two decades, discredited with the fall of the Soviet Union; and full-blown fascism, with government in total control of a subservient corporate private economy, has been a non-starter since 1945. What we have now rising out of the ashes to fill the void is climatism.

Some of the culprits:

... the Forest Products Association of Canada, whose president, Avrim Lazar, threw Canada’s forest firms behind a World Wildlife Fund campaign to stop global deforestation.

... the Canadian ENGO-Industry Cap-and-Trade Dialogue ... a rogues gallery middlemen, energy consumers and green activists: The David Suzuki Foundation, Dow Canada, DuPont Canada, Environmental Defence, Forest Ethics, Pembina Institute, Royal Bank of Canada, Rio Tinto, Sierra Club of Canada, the Toronto-Dominion Bank and the World Wildlife Fund. ...

... In Ontario, the list of corporations supporting and circling the province’s new Green Energy Act is an appalling demonstration of climatism run amok. From TransCanada to GE, from wind farm developers to solar panel makers, it’s a corporatist free for all. All have joined forces with David Suzuki, Environmental Defence and other green groups in cahoots with government ...

... The model for Ontario’s green renewable schemes is Germany, where climatism is well advanced and where solar and wind power programs ... has created an economic fiasco.

... Last week ... a Canadian green business summit boasted Walmart, Maple Leaf Foods, Coca-Cola Bottling, McDonald’s, Home Depot as leaders, with a keynote speech by David Suzuki ...

Any guesses as to what Canada’s position at the Copenhagen climate treaty will be?

And from the comments at the Post:
Lord Monckton calls it the traffic light syndrome: Greens too Yellow
to admit they're really Reds.

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Xanthippa said...

The climate has never been constant in the past, it is not constant now, and it must never become constant in the future.


That way, stagnation lies!

Because environmental change drives positive genetic evolution. It weeds out the weak and promotes the propagation of the biologically robust! Both 'within a species' and 'of species'!

These people, these 'climatists', as you called them, are, in reality, eco-statists: they wish to stop the natural environmental cycles, they wish to rape nature in order to freeze us in our current state - fighting against all variations and variability until all the macro-species are so weakened, a simple epidemic will wipe them all out!!!

And that, I present to you, is an evil position! As a true tree-hugger (yes, I actually have hugged trees since I was a small child...) and a lover of nature, I strongly protest against this eco-statism!