Friday, October 23, 2009

The law can be such an ass

Lorne Gunter on David Chen’s treatment by "the law".

... Mr. Chen is the Toronto grocer who back in May performed a citizen's arrest on a serial thief, but now faces charges of assault, kidnapping and forcible confinement for his actions.
... Crown prosecutors made a plea bargain with Anthony Bennett, the thief, in return for his testimony against Mr. Chen.
Lovely! The prosecutor bribes a thief to testify against the victim of his crime.

Better make that "the law can be such an assh*le". Somebody ought to prosecute the prosecutor.

Here’s a petition to sign.


Anonymous said...

But lawyers aren't scumbags Oh noooooo.

Anonymous said...

If I were the judge in this case, I would first ask the arresting officers several questions:
1.- Have you ever stopped someone for a traffic offense, and then decided in your judgment that letting the driver go with a warning was sufficient?
2.- Have you ever arrived at a domestic, and after looking into the situation decided that leaving after a stern talking to and warning was OK?
3.- Have you ever broken up a scuffle at a bar/nightclub/sporting event, and after separating those involved let them go with a warning?

When the officer answered yes to these questions, my next would be was "where the h___ was that judgment here?

Xanthippa said...

OK - this makes me fear what will follow.

Because, whether the authorities like it or not, but when citizens feel (rightly or wrongly) that the state is not able or willing to protect them from villains, there will be a rise in vigilantism.

No, I do not like the idea of it.

But, if our law-enforcement system keeps failing the citizenry, we will see it start, and grow...