Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama's Nobel in context



Xanthippa said...

I thought 'See Spot Run' was much, much worthier!

Your comparison of this work of literature to the flunkie Obama is offensive in the extreme!

I'm surprised you have not been dragged in front of a few HRCs for this offense to canine literature everywhere! Have you noted the artistry in the illustrations alone?!?!?

(Plus te Kool-aid people might sue you for comparing their product to the distasteful Chicago Mobster Obama!)

Sheeeesh! ;0)

Halfwise said...

Last year it was the IPCC, this year it is BHO.

I figure he will make the same contribution to actual peace as they did to actual climate science. Lots of rhetoric, but the result is diminished clarity and increased emotion from all sides.

We witness the triumph once again of cultish spin over substance.

JR said...

Xanthippa, It's hard to please everyone and you are one tough cookie:)

Halfwise, True. And speaking of climate "science" and cultish spin, this Nobel prize silliness will pale in comparison with the looming Copenhagen travesty.

Xanthippa said...

Hey, I am not that hard to please! I'm just really, really good at complaining - hence I idolize Xanthippe.

And, if they want to improve the image of the Peace Price, they ought to give it to Vaclav Klaus: he has contributed to the SANE discussion about Anthropogenic Climate Change AND he is single handedly fighting to prevent pedophilia from becoming 'protected sexual orientation' in the EU by being the last principled European head of state who had refused to sigh the Treaty of Lisbon.

Hey - that's the whole 'protecting children' and 'protecting planet' rolled into one!!!

And, if he is not too insulted to be in the company of previous recipients, like Arafat and Obama and Mengela (it's either Mangela or Mengele - I can't seem to differentiate between the two), I'm sure he'd put the money to a good use.

While we are at it - how would one go about nominating someone for the Nobel Peace Prize?