Saturday, October 3, 2009

A very un-PC phone message

According to one source that message is (was?) for real.

Update: On the other hand probably not. [Via Christian in the comments.]

[Ripped off from Halfwise]


Christian Conservative said...

Seen this, the story I read said it was from an Australian school.

So I did some digging on good old, and it's a fake:

Platty said...

The message may not be "real", but I am sure that it is what they would "really" like to say...


Larry Sheldon said...

Re: snopes--she discredited herself pretty severely during the October-November portion of the current presidential campaign, so I no no longer consider her authoritative.

No, I won't get into the details. You already know them, or wouldn't believe ne, so I won't bother.