Monday, October 26, 2009

Jennifer Lynch Live!

J-Ly is testifying lying before the Justice Committee today (live streaming bullcrap began 12:30 PM PST).

Thanks to Blazing Catfur for the notification.

Joe Comartin just asked whether defamation suits would pursued against Levant and Steyn ("Stain", I think he said) for their allegedly false allegations against CHRC employees. Lynch denies that there was any wrong-doing by her employees but that if they wanted to pursue legal action they were on their own.

So far, all I can say is that "I hate that smug bitch!" And I'm not too keen on some of the Bloc and Lib (eg. Jennings) committee members either.

Ezra Levant here and several posts prior.

Update: Deborah Gyapong provides some interesting observations and photos:

Canadian Human Rights Commission head Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. ... literally made my jaw drop. ... her Cheshire Cat grin was wide enough for me to see her upturned lip. She came across as the smiling school marm, patiently explaining to everyone about how equality and freedom of speech need to be balanced.

Richard Warman was there. ... strikes me as quite young, young enough to be Jennifer Lynch's son [I think Deb meant "evil spawn"].


Pelalusa said...

The feelings you were left with about Lynch were almost identical to my own.

Xanthippa said...

Have you ever watched the Brit TV sitcom 'Keeping Up Appearances'?

I LOVE that show - and, I swear, while watching Mme Lynch's expression, demeanour and manner of speech, she kept morphing into 'Hyacinth Bucket - pronounced 'bouquet' right in front of my eyes!!!

One thing that politicians are very sensitive to is being patronized, having one 'pull rank' on them without ever admitting it but making sure they felt it.

I am pretty certain that most of the committee members (OK - all the male ones) felt it, and felt it palpably, and whether they liked Lynch's position on 'stuff' or not, they all disliked it. Their demeanour suggested so - at least, it did in my observations of their body language.

If you watch the video of her 'answering questions' for some of the more sympathetic male members of the committee - but without the audio - you can spot the change in their body language. (Jennings appeared to me to be of the opinion that 'they were both on the same team, so Lynch's bullying mannerism did not apply to her, that Lynch was sort of 'bullying around' her, only encouraging her own smugness to increase.)

JR said...

Yes, I've watched that show. Jenny's resemblance to Hyacinth never occured to me, but now that you mention it. You have a keen eye, Xanthippa.