Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lord Monckton fires back at the Aussie PM

Back in November in a speech to the Lowy Institute Aussie PM Kevin Rudd dissed Lord Monckton ("Thatcherite"!) and other "climate change skeptics" accusing them, among many other things, of:

- having an agenda "... to destroy agreed global action on climate change abroad, and our children's fate"

- being global warming "deniers"

- promoting "conspiracy theory" from the "far right" with "zero basis in evidence"

- using logic that "belongs in a casino, not a science lab"

- holding the world to ransom, provoking fear campaigns [Old lefty trick: accuse your enemies of committing your own worst sins]

Also, Rudd accused his political opponents of:

... "absolute political cowardice".
... "an absolute failure of leadership".
... "an absolute failure of logic"

Via Watts Up With That, here is Lord Monckton’s response in an open letter to Kevin Rudd. Some excerpts:
I am writing to offer personal briefings on why "global warming" is a non-problem to you and other party leaders during my visit. For convenience, I am copying this letter to them, and to the Press.
Using the IPCC’s own exaggerated estimation methodology Lord Monckton compares the effect of implementing the Copenhagen Treaty with doing nothing:

Business as usual: [delta]T = 5.7 ln(408.0/388) = 0.29 C°
– Copenhagen Accord: [delta]T = 5.7 ln(406.5/388) = 0.27 C°
= "Global warming" forestalled, 2010-2020: 0.02 C°

One-fiftieth of a Celsius degree of warming forestalled is all that complete, global compliance with the Copenhagen Accord for an entire decade would achieve. Yet the cost of achieving this result – an outcome so small that our instruments would not be able to measure it – would run into trillions of dollars. [Remember, this assumes all nations comply perfectly and that the IPCC’s dubious alarmist projections are correct.]

... In a long career in policy analysis in and out of government, I have never seen so costineffective a proposed waste of taxpayers’ money as the trillions which today’s scientifically-illiterate governments propose to spend on attempting – with all the plausibility of King Canute – to stop the tide from coming in.

... Are you, personally, and your advisers, personally, and your administration’s officials, personally, willing to make the heroically pointless sacrifices that you so insouciantly demand of others in the name of Saving The Planet For Future Generations? I beg leave to think not.

... You say that climate-change "deniers" – nasty word, that, and you should really have known better than to use it – are "small in number but too dangerous to be ignored", and "well resourced". In fact, governments, taxpayer-funded organizations, taxpayerfunded teachers, and taxpayer-funded environmental groups have spent something like 50,000 times as much on "global warming" propaganda as their opponents have spent on debunking this new and cruel superstition. And that is before we take account of the relentless prejudice of the majority of the mainstream news media.

There’s much, much more and it’s all a must-read, especially by our own Prime Minister, his Minister of the Environment and the climate ‘experts’ in his department.

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