Monday, January 11, 2010

The "light-skinned Negro"

Mark Steyn on Dem Senator Harry Reid's remarks and recent apology:

... any Republican Senate Majority Leader who started musing on such matters would be dark-skinned toast in nothing flat.

... You can talk about how light-skinned and clean the Negro is and that's perfectly okay as long as you support the president's policies or (as Mr. Obama put it in his acceptance of Reid's apology) "social justice." But, if you go along to a town-hall meeting and say you oppose the health-care bill because you're very concerned at what you hear about waiting times for MRIs in Canada, you're obviously a knuckledragging racist who's itching to string that uppity Negro from the nearest tree.

And, as this guy writes:
... Hmm. This proves once and for all that Bill Clinton was the first black president because I opposed Hillarycare, too.

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Anonymous said...

Bill was the first black president cause he did nothin' for them like Obama is doing. Bill can't understand how the coffee boy Obama became president though? (real conservative)