Monday, January 4, 2010

Ezra Levant defends our soldiers in the Star

Reps of the far left (Dosanjh) and nitwit (Kinsella) factions of the Liberal party have been playing fast and loose with accusations of torture against our military in its treatment of Afghan detainees. Ezra Levant has an excellent piece in, of all places, the Toronto Star where he offers Iggy some good advice on how and why he ought to get a grip on his party's position on this:

... The Liberals' increasing anti-troops radicalism shows how marginalized the party has become out of power. Four years ago, the Liberals could handle grave responsibilities of state like prosecuting a war. Now they indulge in sloganeering more suited to a permanent opposition party.

Ignatieff eventually apologized for his Israel war crimes comment. Will he ask Dosanjh and Kinsella to apologize for theirs?

[H/t: Joanne at Blue Like You]

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