Sunday, January 24, 2010

Naomi Klein at the Sundance Festival

Gaaackk! Naomi Klein’s "The Shock Doctrine" is now a film entered in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival (in the schlockumentary category):

... Not to be outdone by bona fide movie stars, Naomi Klein hits Park City later in the week for the film version of her book Shock Doctrine, directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat (sic) Whitcross. Klein will appear alongside the filmmakers for a somewhat original premiere that will lead to a discussion moderated by none other than festival founder Robert Redford.
That ought to be an interesting discussion. Klein’s book and film are so bad that even the Toronto Star is panning them. Movies columnist Peter Howell rightly criticizes Klein’s looniest notions, though he still falls for the usual leftist claptrap about Milton Friedman’s connections to various situations around the world.

For some really credible commentary on Klein, "The Shock Doctrine" and Milton Friedman read Peter Foster and Terence Corcoran.

Say, I’ve got an idea! I’ll bet a lot of the Sundance crowd will be wearing Ché teashirts. They might benefit from viewing Glenn Beck’s "The Revolutionary Holocaust - Live Free or Die". Beck should consider entering it in the festival.


Anonymous said...

Check out this short clip from COP15 where the smug/elite Naomi Klien endorsed a NYC premiere of The Age of Stupid ( )
where the movie condemns Jet travel as the WORSE offence to the planet for CO2 BUT she brushes off the question for how she got to the COP15.
When Klien speaks of lowering CO2 and how evil Capitalism is for those who want to work hard in life, she means "Those other people" not as enlightened as her or at her level of a Quasi-God.

Just imaging how much CO2 and ECO damage was created to produce all her Books that I assume still come from Tree Pulp,is she too dense to know that or is it because those same Trees help make those $100.00 U.S. greenbacks from her Profits ???

Times have sure changed,I remember when people laughed at a Hollywood actor who wanted to become a Governor and then the President of the USA even after a few movies with a chimp.......but today we have a fail VeeP that lost the Presidential Election to an alleged Moron from Texas and then he went to Hollywood to be hailed as a hero actor in a Movie about Global Warming which had at least 35 Scientific lies in it.

Maybe in Back To The Future IV Marty McFly will tell Doc Brown that Dan Quail and Al Gore become Vice Presidents, and later on Al Gore become an Actor.

" 88 Miles per hour!!!!!!yahoooooooo "

JR said...

Good one, Anon. Thanks. All those COP15 clowns looked very uncomfortable/embarrassed/hostile when asked that question.