Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sarah Palin debuts at Fox News

And the left goes bananas. Fox's US competitors (greatly lagging in viewership) are all ramping up the derision. Our own Globe and Mail serves up a typically over-the-top reaction:

Palin fits in totally at Fox – standing up for ignorance and stupidity.

Nice. Palin sure seems to draw out the petty meanness in her critics. It's weird - they must feel extremely threatened.

Anyway, more power to Sarah and to Fox where ratings ought to rise even further above the competition.


Kit said...

Who the hell is John Doyle, and why does his opinion matter? And he has the gall to lecture his readers about ignorance! What an asshat.
This is the first time in three years I have read a piece from the G and M... I have missed nothing.

Rhonda said...

Have you noticed that the more the left leaning complain about Sarah Palin and downgrade her....the more people will tune in to hear what she has to say....what great advertising for Fox. I also think that when the opposing media make a big tado about Sarah Palin they are more intimidated by her than they realize because Fox is pulling in more viewers than their own station now and Iam sure more will follow

JR said...

Yup, ignorance and stupidity describes most of the "criticisms" parroted by the likes of Doyle.

And I agree, Rhonda, she'll be a boon to Fox.