Monday, August 16, 2010

2010's "record temperatures"

Lately, in the heat of summer, we've been hearing nothing but the "record temperatures of 2010" from the news and weather media. But is it true, or have they been getting their "data" from that old GISS propagandist and alarm monger, James Hansen?:
... HadCrut [...] show[s] temperatures flat over the past decade. and 2010 about 0.1°C cooler than the warmest year 1998.

... Hansen made temperature forecasts which have proven too high. Now his “measured” temperature data is pushing higher than everyone else. Would you accept the other team’s coach doing double duty as the referee? In what other profession would people accept this sort of conflict of interest?
Update: Then there's all that melting Arctic sea ice the media keeps yapping about. However:

... [2010] has been the coldest summer on record north of 80N, and temperatures have dropped below freezing ahead of the average date.

... It also appears that the summer melt season will be the shortest on record.

... PIPS shows average ice thickness increasing ...

... The South Pole will almost certainly set a record for most sea ice this season.

... Yet the press continues to spread massive disinformation about the state of ice at both poles. Who could possibly be responsible for that?


Anonymous said...

Hansem believes that world temperatures are getting hotter because his brain is frying and that's the heat he feels.

JR said...

No doubt. He should head to one of the poles to cool off - it's been unseasonably cold there this year.