Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supreme stupidity

It's thanks to our Supreme Court that our refugee system is the mess it is. James Morton in today's Post:

Other nations -- Australia, for example -- accept refugees but keep them in detention facilities until they are processed. Australia also keeps refugee claimants offshore in centres on Manus Island or Nauru. The effect of such detention has been to limit the number of refugee claimants to Australia. Other countries, such as the United States, limit the rights on arrival of refugee claimants. In the United States low-level immigration inspectors have authority to identify and immediately remove individuals who are not eligible ...

Such mandatory detention, or summary exclusion, is not a lawful option for Canada as a result of our Supreme Court's application of constitutional rights and freedoms to refugee claimants. In 1985 the Supreme Court ruled that everyone in Canada is entitled to the protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As a result, people who arrive in Canada, regardless of their actual status, must be given a hearing if they claim to be refugees and are entitled to be at liberty in Canada unless they are a danger to the public, are known criminals or are unlikely to attend an immigration hearing.

Supreme lunacy! That ruling effectively rendered the country borderless (for everyone except legal immigrants.) It's hardly any wonder every refugee and every ne'er-do-well on the planet heads for Canada when things go awry at home. And all that yapping about human "smugglers" by our politicians and media pundits is bogus too. There's no need to "smuggle" anyone into the country. Just show up at the front door and the system rolls out the red carpet - free lawyers, free medical care and countless other taxpayer funded benefits.

Ezra Levant:

Who do you think should decide who gets to come to live in Canada?

Should it be the criminals and terrorists who smuggles hundreds of people to our shores?

Or how about three Supreme Court judges, back in 1985, who decided to give foreigners the right to sue our country under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?


Anonymous said...

Term limits for judges --- ALL judges.

Term 5 years, two terms max then buh-bye. to the radio said...

These things will change.
If you show people how absurd the system is then they might care.