Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advice for CAGW hysterics - "Remain calm"

Via FOS:

In The Globe and Mail, columnist Neil Reynolds refers to Stanford University physicist, and 1998 Noble Prize winner, Robert Laughlin's article in the summer edition The American Scholar. Prof. Laughlin says that the geologic record suggests that the climate is beyond our power to control. Excess CO2 in the atmosphere will be dissolved in the oceans, which already hold 30 trillion tons of it. Then the excess will be transformed into limestone rocks.

From the comments to the Globe article it appears that a lot of readers prefer to remain alarmed. Though, happily, more do not.


Patrick Ross said...

And then there's stuff like this.

Can we panic now? ;)

Anonymous said...

One more time...
What does the "C" stand for in CAGW?
Why won't you answer?
What kind of spin are you putting on AGW...anthropogenic-global-warming?

JR said...

Anon, "catastrophic" which is why they're hysterical (and often very funny too).