Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canadian Muslims oppose Ground Zero mosque

Raheel Raza of the Canadian Muslim Congress appeared on the O'Reilly Factor this afternoon to condemn the project to build a huge mosque near NYC's Ground Zero. She said, among many other things, that NYC "Mayor Bloomberg and other bleeding-heart white liberals don't understand ... ". An amazing performance by Raza:

Update: Five Feet of Fury, Dr. Roy, BCF, sda, The Right Scoop, LexisNexis News,

And where's the Canadian MSM on this? A search came up with zip, except for the CBC which had previously interviewed Raza. Good for the CBC (for a change). Otherwise, only on Fox!


Alex said...

I think I like these people.

Honey Pot said...

She did well, she understands.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

She is a Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Raheel Raza you speak of common sense.Well said.


Anonymous said...

Since CAIR is now tied to Hamas and terrorism funding, it's no shock that Bill didn't phone Dr.Sheema Khan from CAIR who would support the Mosque with her same Arar Inquiry tripe about Islamophobia and anti-Muslim oppression in Canada.
Ms.Khan has supported the Khadr's,Momin Khawaja,and the Toronto -18 along with the 26 illegals Deported from canada with expired Visa's aquired by fake ID and forged Pakistani Passports.

Ms.Khan jumped the shark long ago and her big error was the aiding and abetting of Maher Arar's tax-fruad extortion to Sue us for $400'000'000.00 for what the CBC said in 2003 JORDAN had done to Arar.
Khan defends the Khad's, is there any more to say about this pro-Shariah whahhabi Muslims that crusaded with Dr.Elmasry for Shariah in canada.

Thank god for the MCC, and i hope Dr.Elmasry goes back to his islamic hell-hole place of birth that he pines for as he bashing canada and jews while on our soil.

Know Islam - No Peace
No Islam - Know Peace