Sunday, August 15, 2010

A giant waste of time and money

At the Premiers’annual Council of the Federation these bozos

gassed on about (a) saving the planet from global warming and (b) making sure Canadians don’t "waste" water, even though:

(a) Canada’s contribution to global GHG emissions is negligible (assuming "GHGs" are a problem to begin with), and;

(b) Canada has the world’s largest supply of fresh water which might explain why we’re big users of the stuff. Apparently we have to wear a hair shirt because desert dwellers need to get by with less.

Perhaps they haven't read the memo, the climate climate has gotten colder. Nor, I'd wager, have they kept up on recent research which, in part, concludes:
Climate scientists have greatly underestimated the uncertainty of proxy based reconstructions and hence have been overconfident in their models. Which means, one commenter says: "ie. they've done it wrong, and then oversold it."
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Anonymous said...

These twits ramble on about global warming and water consumption because:
a) They realize that the public has been panicked about the MSM about these non-issues and therefore they have an excuse to pile on more taxes.
b) They have no suggestions, let alone answers, to the real problems facing their provinces or the country.
c) It keeps the public's attention away from their out of control spending.

Anonymous said...

Of all of them I think Stelmach and McGuinty (twins separated at birth) are the worst. Dulltone with his tax and spend or unsteady Eddie spending 2 billion to pump CO2 into a hole in the ground. A pair of truly brilliant clowns.

Rob C

johndoe124 said...

And while these consummate buffoons gnash their teeth and pull their hair about the loss of accurate empirical data from the long form census they are quite happy to enforce carbon taxes and cap and trade policies based on no evidence whatsoever. Nuts! They are all nuts.