Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another half-baked column on "attack-dog" politics

This one by Andrew Coyne in which he opines about what a scourge it is saying it isn't just the Tories.  Although his column cites "Tories" or "Conservatives" a half-dozen times while mentioning Libs and Dips just once.

This comment by "second class" captured fairly well my thoughts on it:
... the Media have a tremendous amount to answer for, in regards to the general level of discourse that envelopes the political sphere. In fact, the media are largely responsible for the way politics has evolved into its current state, and for the way it's played out for public consumption. Not only has the media perfected dumb, dishonest, attack dog style, overtly partisan journalism, they also invented it.
What about it, Andrew?


Anonymous said...

I read that article. Another Coyne special. You know, "Everyone does it but the Conservatives do it more than the others."

Brrr said...

Coyne has a very short and very selective memory if he thinks the Conservatives have even come close to the level of attack that the other parties have employed for several decades running.

john said...

Oh for gosh sake! Who cares what Coyne thinks? MacLean's is a liberal rag and Coyne is a MSM stuffed shirt who is puffed up on himself. Stop reading it!

Besides the liberals on bitch about pit bull politicking when THY are on the recieving end.

If they are whining about it then that means they are hurting from it. Keep it coming.

john said...

"Besides the liberals on bitch about pit bull politicking when THY are on the recieving end."

Should read ...ONLY bitch....THEY

Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all, considering the source. Nor was it surprising that someone floated the idea of Coyne running for the Liberal leadership. It's blindingly obvious he's a blue Liberal at best.

Anonymous said...

Both my wife and I gasped at how damned patheticly Coyne was grasping at straws....and material to write about. The Post's readers are discovering that Coyne was no prized catch after all. He's so tiresome.