Sunday, September 23, 2012

In praise of blasphemy

Robert Fulford:
The dark, blood-drenched word “blasphemy” has lately re-appeared across the world, like some grotesque monster from the depths of humanity’s unconscious. It is always bad news ...
... Laws against blasphemy have been favourite tools of all those who lust for power over their fellow humans — popes, kings, bishops, imams, theologians and professional inciters of the mobs.
...On Saturday “Canadians Against Blasphemy” will hold a protest meeting in front of the U.S. consulate in Toronto.
... Instead we should be praising blasphemy, in fact proclaiming its many virtues, rather than sheepishly apologizing for it as a necessary evil we must reluctantly tolerate because of our belief in the freedom of speech.
... In the Criminal Code of Code of Canada, blasphemy remains a crime ... Expunging it would be an appropriate symbolic act by the federal government. The best possible time to accomplish that reform would be before the end of this blasphemy-crazed year.

Fulford's idea is excellent.  A move, now, to expunge blasphemy from the Criminal Code would be an excellent response to the Toronto Muslim anti-blasphemy nitwits.  I think I'll write to the Prime Minister.

Update - My letter to the Prime Minister:
Dear Prime Minister,
In Toronto yesterday (Saturday) there was a protest rally organized by “Canadians Against Blasphemy”. Judging from the extreme slogans displayed on some of their protest signs, these people want blasphemy severely punished. This brazen effort to muzzle the free speech of Canadians is profoundly anti-democratic and should be strongly resisted.

In his column in Saturday’s National Post, Robert Fulford wrote an excellent piece titled “In praise of blasphemy” in which he points out that blasphemy is already (still) criminalized by Section 296 of the Criminal Code. This archaic provision should be expunged as soon as possible and, as Mr. Fulford suggests, this “blasphemy-crazed year” would be the best time to do it.

I urge you and your government to begin action towards removing the anti-blasphemy provisions from the Criminal Code of Canada. I would urge also that an announcement of your government’s intent to do so be made forthwith. It would be a fitting response to the organizers and participants of Saturday’s “protest” in Toronto.
Upperdate: From Natasha (of Moose and Squirrel) in the comments, a link to an excellent article by Popehat.


Alain said...

Spot on is all I can say. It is unbelievable that in the 21st century people are promoting laws/bans against blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a multi-cultural and ethically diverse nation that was founded by immigrants. There is no such thing as a Canadian in the sense of culture or surname. Canada has freedom of religion that is a sacred and that must be protected. This means that your religion must not be persecuted by government or citizen. Canada also allows freedom of speech which must be weighed and measured against the freedom of religion. Just because you have freedom of speech means that you can not yell “FIRE” in a crowed movie theatre. Why? This is because this element of free speech would cause harm, panic, pandemonium and great distress to the public safety. Hence, the blasphemies movie that insults the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is equivalent to yelling “FIRE” in a crowed movie theatre and must be suppressed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ September 23, 2012 3:49:00 PM - you are an ignorant fool - the muslim scum who riot, destroy property, kill and BEHEAD people should spend the rest odf their lives in jail, or be hung until dead.

As far as the "prophet" ie pedophile muhammad is concerned - PISS be upon him.

Anonymous said...

I second that. Piss of a menstruating Jew be upon him.

Anonymous said...

Sharia law WILL prevail in Canada in due time you infidel scumbag. Under Sharia law you will suffer and your arrogant filthy religion of Judaism and Christianity will be submissive. We already have prayer rooms in public schools, we already have many Muslim members of Parliament, provincial legislatures and many more Muslims at the civic levels in many cities. Canada open the doors to a RECORD number of Muslim immigrants since 9/11. We are further supported by affirmative action, employment equity and human rights codes and legislations. So piss on you dirty infidel Jew loving Christian. Islam will rule this nation in a decade or two.

JR said...

Dear Anonymous Muslim nitwits,

I agree with Anon #2. Furthermore, you are prime examples of why Muslim immigrants who do not understand and value Canadian freedoms (especially freedom of speech) and democracy should be deported to the nearest Islamo-fascist crap hole where they can live under the Sharia tyranny you wish on the rest of us. In fact, why don't you save us all the trouble and voluntarily "deport" yourselves?

Failing that, please seek redemption starting with paying heed to a a good Muslim.

Islamism (Islamo-fascism) is the scourge of the planet.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look around your city and observes the changing face of your morally corrupt nation. You see that changing face? It’s Islam. We are your doctors, teachers, truck drivers, bus drivers, professors, dentists, engineers, business owners, taxi drivers, civil servants, government officials, police officers, CSIS agents, airports security officers, nurses, Canadian border service agents, airplane pilots, military members, elected political officials, bureaucrats any many more. We have become a powerful voting machine and we will become even more powerful in the next few years. You will see the first Muslim Prime Minister in the next 10 years and you will see Islam become Canada’s religion.

JR said...


Your arrogant fantasies are a joke. But if what you say were true then we'd be doomed. How long do you suppose it would take, under Muslim rule, to turn the country into a miserable crap-hole basket case like those that make up the rest of the Muslim world?

Also, see my comment above.

Anonymous said...

Canadian laws, civil rights and the Constitution are all the tools we need to implement Sharia law. Your blind faith is what will be used against you and you will be submissive to Islam. The concept of deportation is a prime example of how weak you are. You and the government could not deport me or any Muslim whatsoever. Canadian law is designed to protect Islam and it’s growth. Omar Khadr is returning to be with his family and reap his reward for martyring his faith in the name of the great profit. You, the government or any other person could NOT even do ANYTHING to prevent the growth of Islam. You are a weak, pathetic and a simple person who is blinded by your faith and your trust in your weak laws.

A crap hole you say? Abortion, moral sexual perverseness at every Canadian street corner, child exploitation all over the Canadian internet, over 50% divorce rate, crime out of control, strip clubs everywhere, women wearing barely nothing at the beach and on the street, drug abuse, homosexuality being taught in public schools, gay marriage, pop music that promotes drug use and sexual misconduct, bikini bars everywhere………………….this is the Canadian Christian society that you promote and love.

anon2 said...

Dear Anonymous muslim scumbag - "Your blind faith is what will be used against you and you will be submissive to Islam." This is PRECISELY WHAT HAS HAPPENED to YOU!!!

Your BLIND FAITH is PATHETIC, LAUGHABLY PATHETIC. FOOLS like YOU would make ANY country a HELL-HOLE - just look at ANY muslim country - random murder and beheadings on a daily basis. The poorer the muslim country the WORSE THINGS ARE for EVERYONE in it.

Your pathetic delusions about Canada are LAUGHABLE - UNINFORMED STUPID DRIVEL. I expect that you are as STUPID as your CLEARLY ARE because your mother and father are FIRST COUSINS and that your mother was child when she was FORCED to "marry" a very OLD muslim "man" - and most, if not all, muslims "marry" a first cousin, which explains why so many muslims are deformed, and REALLY, REALLY STUPID.

I actually think you are a fundamentalist christian, trying, and succeeding, at making muslims look like FOOLS. WELL DONE, Christian, YOU HAVE MADE MUSLIMS LOOK LIKE FOOLS - uninformed stupid fools. PISS BE UPON YOU.

potato said...

Seriously, anonymous, do you think that Canadians are going to stand by and be dictated to by an evil retard? But thanks for the heads-up. I used to think that Mohammadin vomit was confined to the Mosque. I now realize that I am perfectly justified in being resentful, intolerant and suspicious of all Muslims. You are one sick MF. Get help.

Natasha said...

Hey, Islamofascist blowhard: Bite me! You and your death cult ideology will be defeated because we won't back down. We will NEVER surrender -- that's what Islam means right? You nutjobs are the toadies who've surrendered your intellect through centuries of inbreeding and brainwashing. Our culture IS superior because we celebrate LIFE, whereas your kind revel in bloody deaths and human suffering. Life-lovers will prevail over soul-suckers like you.
Now, if you'd like to join other decent Muslims who embrace the 21st century and life, contact Mr. Tarek Fatah.

Natasha said...

Note to JR: You've got me riled up on this issue. Thanks for doing this posting - I didn't realize Canada had such a law in existence. Totally shameful...

BTW, Ken at Popehat has an excellent article today on this very issue -- quite timely. See:

JR said...

Thanks for the links (here and in your blog). The Popehat article is excellent.