Friday, September 14, 2012

Attacks "an act of war"

Mark Steyn: "An act of war, not a movie protest".


Alain said...

Of course it was an act of war and in fact it was not the first, nor will it be the last. Claiming otherwise and doing nothing encourages the enemy (oh I forget they even refuse to identify the enemy) will produce more attacks.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I live in Canada where we have a strong Christian Conservative moralistic government lead by the greatest Prime Minister in the entire history of this awesome nation is honourable Mr. Harper. In the last 11 years Canada has accepted many many many immigrants and refugees from Islamic nations that are seeking a better life where they can be protected from persecution. This year there has been a record number of Islamic immigrants let into Canada and a record number under the leadership of the great PM Harper.

This is absolutely perfectly completely fine as Canada has one of the greatest immigration and refugee programs in the world. We thoroughly check the background of each and every immigrant and refugee that we accept. Canada has NEVER seen an attack by any Islamic extremist and NEVER will. This is because our great leader PM Harper is diligent and perfect in in executing his immigration policies and he cares very very much about his people. Canada is the safest nation in the world and you will NEVER see a Muslim here ever complain or ever do what the small percentage of extremists do. These extremists Muslims only make up a very very small percentage of the entire peaceful religion and there are none in Canada.

God bless you and thank you PM Harper for keeping us safe in this great nation.

Anonymous said...

The limp-wristed response to these assaults is an absolute disgrace, This administration has abdicated the morale authority authority that it once possessed and its lack of action will only encourage the stone-age savages who inhabit the Muslim nations of the world.

Powell Lucas

Sean M said...

Steyn really nails it... very powerful. The denial and obfuscation coming from the White House, and regurgitated by the media is shocking, and very troubling... insanity reins. Obarry's a disgrace, his obsequiousness in foreign affairs is nauseating and his seeming detachment from reality is stunning, although not as stunning as the media and the people who continue to support this terminally stupid, dangerous man. It's clear to anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a brain that works that what went down in Libya was a co-ordinated carefully planned act of war by a pack of ignorant savages. Wake the hell up America!!

Xanthippa said...

This is, indeed, an act of war.

Several centuries from now, there will be many historians who will cite this as the act that started World War 3.

(Yes, there are other historians will point to, but I suspect this will be one of the more consistent ones cited. Sort of like some regard the invasion of Poland as the start of WW2, while others regard the annexation of Bohemia&Moravia, while yet others consider the 'Spanish civil war' to be the catalyst that started WW2...)