Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wrong as usual - Jon Kay on the attacks in Libya and Egypt

When I read this as an editorial in this morning's National Post I thought it must have been written by Jonathan Kay. How right I was! It's typical leftist apologetics for Islam.

His column is a long, round-about 'argument' that reaches false conclusions, namely:
["Sam Bacile" does not represent Western civilization, Libya’s murderers do not represent Islam.]
Kay is wrong on both counts:

"Sam Bacile" actually does represent Western civilization in the sense that his movie, odious though it may be to Muslims, is free speech protected by the liberties afforded by Western civilization, something 3rd world Muslims have no clue about.  And in any case the "Sam Bacile" movie had little to nothing to do with the attack. It was, at best, a pretext for a 9/11 anniversary attack.

Islam is defined by its practioners and its leaders. The Libyan murders are part of a long history of violent Islamic jihad sanctioned by representatives of Islam including the likes of Iran and the Saudi Arabian Wahabists (both "Islamic states" and active promoters of violent anti-Western jihad). Then there's Egypt (now led by Islamists) whose mobs were permitted to freely attack the US embassy.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. If all Muslims were like that, we'd have a lot more to worry about than some embassies.

Anonymous said...

old white guys says...... anonymous, you had better start worrying. read the koran, hadiths etc. there is nothing there to indicate we should not worry.

Alex said...

Only 3 years until Kay's "why I vote Liberal" article.

Anonymous said...

this would be the same guy who would say 50 anti-israel protesters represent 'canadian values'

JR said...

Anon: "Yawn. If all Muslims were like that..."

"Yawn" is right, anon. that "all Muslims" line of BS is very tiresome.

Jill Harrington said...

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