Sunday, June 2, 2013

Corruption in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) + nitwit mayors and useless media

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is holding its annual conference in Vancouver this year.  This is the conference attended by Mayors and municipal staff to share ideas (collude) on stuff like, you know, "green" plans, "sustainability" initiatives and "climate change" strategies (aka wasting wads of cash ripped off from taxpayers).   Ezra Levant describes it as a lobby group that received $550 million in taxpayer funds from the federal government

Ezra also pointed out in this segment how and why corrupt thugs from FCM blacklisted a Montreal contractor from its tradeshow for having the temerity to advocate more efficient, open and honest tendering of municipal acquisition contracts:

And where's the Media Party?  One wonders whether or not this FCM corruption was a topic of discussion at the conference, at least informally among attendees.   Also, was the corruption in Quebec discussed?  There's real corruption in the FCM and real corruption in Quebec municipalities, so you might think the media would give their reporters an assignment to ask some relevant questions.   Well, there was no sign of it on my local CTV news last night.  The one and only topic they saw fit to cover was: "Rob Ford criticism bubbles up at Canadian mayors’ conference"[The mayors were all atwitter, like giddy schoolgirls sharing hot gossip.  Note that one scumbag mayor, Frank Leonard of Saanich, BC, skated close to slander by suggesting Ford should be in jail.]   A worthless media sinks farther into irrelevance.


Alain said...

How else can they coordinate the implementation of Agenda 21, but not only does the media party ignore all the corruption but would not even have a clue as to what Agenda 21 is. As for doing a wee bit of research and investigative reporting they are incapable.

Pissedoff said...

Wasn't Joe Fontana, mayor of London Ont, actually up on criminal charges, mentioned?

No stupid me he is a Liberal so the maggot media and other looney tunes won't touch him.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though the "progressives" are taking over at the municipal level. The first thing out of their sleazy mouths is how much more taxes they must confiscate from the taxpayer to impose their "utopian" prisons. These people won't be satisfied until they push citizens to the point of revolution... Turkey comes to mind.

JR said...

Alain, Exactly. Although only 28 or so cities belong to ICLEI the list includes FCM itself plus most of the major cities. And the rest are no doubt heavily influenced one way or another.

Po'd, Good point. Fontana slipped my mind. I wonder if he attended the conference.

Anon, I think you're right and they're still going begging to the federal government for more. Transport Minister (Lebel) was there with a promise of $53 billion over 10 years and apparently that wasn't enough for some of the spendthrifts. That represents the equivalent of roughly another $625 per year per family of 4 on our municipal tax bills.

Anonymous said...

The leftist champaign socialist in Toronto not only bellied up to the public trough and gorge themselves as the pretend to care about the homeless and poor, but many of these hypocrits quietly flew by jet to BC for this tax funded vacation in the guise of a GREEN plan to save the planet.
Someone tell these village idiots to watch the Movie "Age Of Stupid", it exposes the one of the worse cases that affects Global warming which is the Airline travel by jets that spew toxins and pump out tonnes of CO2.
Sadly the irony of jet travel to the COP-15 ECO-fest to save the World got lost on Naomi Klein when someone asked in a documentary video about her Globe trotting by jets to tell the ignorant peons how evil they are to do the same.
Klein laughed it off and STILL doesn't get it, just like Al Gore who also globe trots by jets and lies to people about the Global-Cooling since 1998 which he claims is reall Global Warming. Gore own several houses and pays close to $40'000.00 a year in Utility bills. I no longer use the CBC or MSM in general for my course on the news and the truth behing reported events.

JR said...

There's no shortage of stupidity, fecklessness, waste and hypocrisy in politics (at all levels) and the media. Not to mention corruption.