Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maybe right 90% of the time but scumbags 100% of the time

George Jonas on the ethics of his fellow journalists:
...“‘Think dirty, and 90% of the time you’ll be right.’” ...

Reading what some of my colleagues have been saying about public-figures-turned-media-targets ... makes me wonder ... Perhaps they’ll score in the end, for thinking dirty may well make one right 90% of the time, but the parallel fact is that thinking dirty is disgusting 100% of the time.
[And at least 10% of the time they're guilty of defamation].

... publishing before the evidence is in, commenting on the basis of allegations as if they were proven facts, smearing people on the basis of rumours and innuendos, piling on, attacking like a pack of jackals an unfashionable target, going after someone who seems wounded and unable to defend himself — that’s disgusting, and not made less disgusting by a subsequent consensus or endorsement by public opinion. It’s especially ugly to calumniate people, then hide behind a climate of slander that the original calumny helped create. ...
Bravo! Well said, George!


Anonymous said...

Maggot Media you know who you are and so do we.

Anonymous said...

Come on really, what do you expect from these people?

Ok, here you are a 20 something dipshit who took 3 years of some uselesas shit in college or university so what can you ACTUALLY DO!? _ NOT A F**KING THING!

No business will hire you because you don't have any marketable skills so you have to go be a journalist because it's the one career that doesn't have any required qualifications.

And your ego won't allow you to work at a trade where you can learn on the job and start at the bottom. YOU ARE ALL IMPORTANT!!! YOU ARE A SOMEBODY!!!

So you sit on your ass making a career out of smearing people.

Pathertic losers.