Sunday, June 16, 2013

Justin Trudeau shamed into refunding charities he ripped off.

Justin Trudeau says he’ll compensate any charitable group that paid him a hefty speaking fee to participate in fundraising events.
Only two days ago he was refusing to refund any part of his fee.

Excellent work, Jason Kenney!


Polardiscoball said...

The Conservatives, of course, might have to explain their own position on this issue given the previously reported speeches of senators Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, Larry Smith and Jacques Demers.

dmorris said...

Trudeau didn't "rip off" anyone. I don't see why the conservative blogosphere is alive with this story. Trudeau Derangement Syndrome?

This was a business deal,and charities ARE businesses.This business contracted with Trudeau's business,to have him speak at an affair, so that the charity could make a profit.

They chose the wrong "attraction",and that is THEIR fault,entirely,no one else's.

Trudeau did his part,gave his speech,and no one showed up to hear it.It is to laugh.

Back in the 1980's, some entrepreneurs I was acquainted with booked a "one-hit wonder" band for a show in Prince George.They rented the local hockey arena,and advertised all over. Roughly 300 people showed up at a venue that can hold 3500.

They lost their shirts, BUT,they still had to pay the Band.
And that charity had to pay Trudeau,it was in the contract.

I don't feel the least bit sorry for the charity that obviously is run by people who admire and will VOTE for Trudeau.
They overestimated their little hero,and got stung.

I don't like Trudeau, but will NOT bandwagon jump on uncalled-for criticism of him just for the sake of criticizing. Sometimes we at the Blogging Tories begin to sound like the people who are attacking Rob Ford,for the sake of attacking him.

JR said...

Oh, take a deep breath and relax, dmorris. This is turning out as it should. You are right that the people of the Grace Foundation are likely Trudeau fans and who cares whether they personally got stung, but it's the people supported by the charity that really take the financial hit, not the dopes who run it.

Also you are technically correct that it was a "business" deal, but if you check out that charitable foundation you'll likely find it's a "business" run largely by volunteers. For an independently wealthy sitting MP with aspirations of leadership that's a pretty scuzzy line of "business" with obvious potential for negative consequences (which have in fact materialized). Trudeau deserves the criticism he's getting. Jason Kenney said it well.

And, the bottom line, JT himself (with the help of his backroom geniuses) has decided that the 'right' thing to do (ie to save his political bacon) is to very publicly give the money back.

Now, the next step is to get him to repay all those government organizations he ripped off while playing hooky from parliament. And, in the process subject those idiot school boards to intense heat for paying Trudeau (for his dubious expertise?) in the first place.

As for your Rob Ford comparison, you'll note that the press is harassing him based largely on speculation. In Trudeau's case we're dealing with known facts.

Anonymous said...

Well said JR! Turd #2 and his back door handlers, and his advocates in the media, knew this made the little skid mark turd look bad, certainly not of the messianic image that they want to project of # 2, so they did a complete flip-flop, predictably and cynically cheerleaded on by the sycophantic Trudumb media. I cannot believe anyone in their right mind would believe this lisping celebrity with an infamous name is deserving of the PMO... Turd #2 is so shockingly inept... "Hi, I'm Justine uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Trudeau... "Trudueamania" truly is a mental disorder that defies explanation. Sean M.

Anonymous said...

First of all I don't know what in the world Trudeau could talk about which would cause me to buy a ticket to go see him. Second of all he should be donating his time to the charities and non profits that are asking him to speak. Instead he takes money from those that can least afford and who are subsidized by taxpayers while he earns $160K as an MP and is a millionaire in his own right. Yes we can blame the charities and non profits but Trudeau is the one running around the country saying he wants to do politics differently.

Anonymous said...

the take... What a double dipping scum bag. Collecting a full salary from parliament
( $200, 000 a year) while scamming charities, fundraisers…as low as you can get

I got caught, so how do I spin this…” That’s all Trudeau is doing now. 100%
pure scum of the earth. That’s what this clown from Quebec is, just like daddy. A hypocrite, corrupt
to the core.

wilson said...

Hilarious, the Trudeau defenders are on every blog/comment board blaming the charity.

There were 10 speakers at that event, only one padded his bank account instead of helping the seniors charity reach their goal for buying furniture.

Millionaire MP gets richer.
Born on Christmas Day, The Prince of Pi thinks he is superior, superior by birth and by being a Quebecer.

dmorris said...

From the Grace Foundation's website:
"An Evening with Justin Trudeau
Posted July 3, 2012 in News

On Wednesday June 27, Grace Foundation hosted its inaugural fund raising event. Guest speaker Justin Trudeau spoke passionately about our roles and responsibilities as Canadians in the global community, challenging each individual to consider his or her contribution toward positive change. Following the formal presentation, audience members had an opportunity to pose questions and engage in conversation. Audience members agree it was an evening to remember."

Now the only thing they remember is that they lost money! They sure sound like fans of the Canadian Messiah 2.

JR,I've taken, not one,but TWO, deep breaths,and I was right,the optics may be bad, but Trudeau owes the Grace folks nothing. His dear Daddy, the Canadian Messiah 1, would probably have used his famous "fuddle" expression.

But Justin has no backbone,so he's backing down when he's in the right. This could turn out to be great ammunition to use against Justin in 2015,not the fact that he soaked charities 20 grand to babble a few words,but that he backed down so easily.

wilson said...

when is it ever right for a public servant to take from a charity?

The other 9 speakers didn't, only the Prince of Pi did.

He walked back down that hill because except for his groupies, everyone else thinks it's wrong, morally.

Anonymous said...

dmorris is all over the place defending weasel boy.

Tough luck pal. Your little buddy lost major face and got his ass kicked. -- Good. Defend him all you want. Nobody is going to give the spoiled little sh** an inch.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can certainly say that bloggingtories don't believe in freedom of contract. The Grace Foundation is run by adults. They were lousy organizers and they underperformed. Also, the lady that asked for the money back is a Tory hack that James Moore appointed to a federal board. So this whole thing is a conservative put on.

Anonymous said...

Liberals can't understand what justins problem is.
Simply this, he qualifies his response as dependant on what someone tells him is the right thing to do. If you publically declare that you intend to do the right thing, but leave that decision dependant on those wronged requesting reparations, it shows lack of leadership, an appalling lack of sincerity, and an inability to connect with those you wish to petition in the future for their vote.
Justin may go into a Tim Horton's on occassion to glad hand the middle class, but he would never order a double double, let alone know how much it costs.
He's definitely a Star Bucks kind of guy.

JR said...

dmorris, You are technically correct that there is nothing illegal about Trudeau's sideline business of speaking at charity organized events for a fee (unless he did so using government resources). He has no legal obligation to repay any money. But the ethics of doing his kind of "business" are highly questionable and that why as you said, "the optics are bad" and he is being shamed into refunding his fees. Good!(for both partisan and non-partisan reasons).

Also, his speeches to other organizations are even more ethically questionable (and possibly legally as well). As Ezra Levant has pointed out, some organizations (eg. unions and corporations) are barred from donating money to Trudeau the politician, but contract to pay Trudeau the "professional speaker" a large fee to hear him bloviate for a half-hour. What could an inexperienced dilettante like J Trudeau possibly have to say that could be of any value to professional union or corporate executives? Conclusion: It's not about the speech, it's about the money. Somebody call Elections Canada!