Sunday, June 23, 2013

David Suzuki: Alberta floods may not be due to global warming ... but

 David Suzuki, writing in the Huff-Po, tries to appear even handed but inevitably blames "climate change" absolutely:
"... caused by global warming? Maybe not but we can say we should expect more of the same - and worse if we don't do something to get our emissions under control."
Thanks to the likes of Suzuki, "climate change" has become the go-to excuse for all bad weather and related damage (it would never be mentioned in connection with a bumper crop).  Last night, for example, CTV's National news story on the Alberta floods had an 'expert' opinion from hydrologist, John Pomeroy, who predictably pointed his finger explicitly in that direction.

The worst of it is that "climate change" has been so thoroughly drilled into the public consciousness by an uncritical media and academia that it's accepted "wisdom" at all levels of government where you would be hard pressed to find a single plan or program that doesn't address it as a key issue.   Any citizen who tries to object or criticize is met by  'officialdom' with anything from a blank stare to the derision due a "denier".
Getting rid of this mass psychosis is going to be a long uphill grind.



Pissedoff said...

Suzuki is a Jap twat and Harper and the Harper party are no better.

Alain said...

Mass psychosis is a most accurate description.

JR said...

Pissed, I think that the pc multi-culti identification for Suzuki would be Japanese-Canadian twat.

Alain, Thanks:)

Freedom to Choose said...

Judging from the absolutely hateful vitriol spewing from the comments by the disciples of the Suzuki-May enviro-cult, his mutterings are stirring his disciples, if they even need to be kicked into action.

where are the charges for promoting hate?

New Age cults are dangerous for breeding Charles Mansons and Abdu Gharibs. Thia new age cult and its enablers need to be called out now.

Don said...

I found a huge source of hot air.... coming from Suzuki.

Everytime I hear about him, the only thing rattling around my head is "Hypocrite".