Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Evolution vs. God" video upsets atheists

Ray Comfort's video:

has sparked some angry reaction:
As for those who are angry over the film, Comfort was candid. Non-believers, he claims, are simply frustrated that their worldview is being eroded by what’s exposed in “Evolution vs. God.”
Comfort's video is reminiscent of agnostic David Berlinski's "The Devil's Delusion" in which he pokes holes in militant atheists' arguments from science.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was silly but I wasn't personally angry. To me the filmmakers just come off as people who think they're more clever than everyone else, while missing out on even a basic understanding of the things they purport to 'debunk'.

Those who are upset are upset because the video is filled with misconceptions and half-truths. It wasn't really an honest exercise since I have it on fairly good authority that the filmmakers cherry picked quotes that made them sound good while leaving really good discussion out since it weakened their stance. -- not enough for me to get upset about but I understand why some would get angry by the sheer hypocrisy that that entails.

Anonymous said...

I just thought this was very, very funny.

You don't often see an adult behaving like a 5-year old. The whole clip is based on word plays, and trying to catch people out by using scientifically meaningless terminology ("kind").

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian (although perhaps not a strict by-the-book creationist) and I was disappointed.

I was hoping for a film that put these dicks in their place and all it was mostly was this B.S. Micheal Moore style quick editing cherry picking stuff.

Although it was kind of fun to see the people's arrogance fade, especially the students. (And to see the40-something dick with the aviator sunglasses start to get all pissy). I liked that one

JR said...

Like most, if not all, arguments for or against the existence of God or for or against evolution, Comfort's video is satisfying (or anger inducing) only to those who are already true believers.

The video gives a boost to the spirits of committed theists who see it as strong argument against evolutionary theory and, therefore, for their belief in God. It's neither but it does, superficially at least, expose some of the weaknesses in and arrogance of the scientific dogma surrounding evolution. Berlinski does it much better.