Monday, August 12, 2013

Obama the rodeo clown

Rodeo Clown Dons ‘Obama’ Mask, Gets Chased by Bull, Crowd Goes Nuts; Libs Want ‘Heads to Roll’

Proving, once again, that liberals are: Stupid. Humourless. Hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Thing of it is that Obamas bull ain't caught up to him yet.

Anonymous said...

One musn't mock the Prophet!
Obamalu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

"Land of the free"... except when Oshitforbrains is the ruler.

Anonymous said...

I went to a small-town rodeo in Alberta in the 1990s where the dummy used to distract the bulls wore a Jean Chrétien mask. When the bull gored the dummy the crowd loved it. A way for people to stick it to the Man.

Anonymous said...

If only Obama was a rodeo clown.
Cheers Bubba

JR said...

Many have said that "rodeo clown" is a good description of Obama.