Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trudeau and Islam - "making a mockery of piety and politics"

Tarek Fatah contrasts Justin Trudeau's recent participation in a prayer ritual at a BC mosque with an "ugly incident" there nine years ago:
On Friday, June 11, 2004, Itrath Syed, the NDP candidate in the riding of Delta-Richmond East requested permission to speak to the BCMA mosque congregation and introduce herself as well as her party.

...  instead of an opportunity to address the other Muslims attending the Friday congregation, Syed was not allowed to even approach the front of the mosque, let alone sit in the front row. Instead she had to take a back seat and endure what the website (MWU) described as a scorching sermon.

Her fault?  Itrath Syed was a woman and she supported the NDP platform on same-sex marriage. ...

... Fast forward to August 2013. The same British Columbia Muslim Association that shut out a young Muslim women politician because she supported same-sex rights, rolls out the red carpet for a non-Muslim Justin Trudeau, who as it happens, also supports same-sex marriage.

Neither the BCMA nor Trudeau found this double standard a problem.  ...
The fact that Wahhabi mosques preach the most dangerous form of Islam and anti-West hatred seemed to be of no concern to the Liberal leader. 
What was equally bizarre at this mosque was that while Trudeau dressed up as a fake Pakistani, his hosts who were of Pakistani ancestry dressed up as fake Arabs. 
What a mockery of piety and politics. As if God was being entertained at a fancy-dress competition.

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Anonymous said...

I would think that God was no where near that place. satan, maybe.