Friday, November 29, 2013

"biting the Invisible Hand that feeds them"

Peter Foster reviews the latest in "The Hunger Games" movie series and finds:
... [the movie] hasn’t quite produced the flood of anti-capitalist flapdoodle that the first did, but one of its stars, Canadian actor Donald Sutherland, still hopes that it might send U.S. youth to the barricades.

One of the more intriguing aspects of our relatively free Western society is that it allows people such as Mr. Sutherland to become fabulously rich while biting the Invisible Hand that feeds them.
Donald Sutherland, another Hollywood Canuk in the dumb and dumber set.


Anonymous said...

It is anti-totalitarian. Though there is some vague environmental disaster or something that caused the original government to be set up followed by the rebellion.
Loved its depiction of how far totalitarian governments will go to oppress their people. However Ayn Rand's Anthem is perhaps more true as it depicts a future where oppression has resulted in loss of technology.

Anonymous said...

... and that is why its ok to steal from Hollywood. Stealing from the enemy is not theft. Its war. Deny Sutherland people like him the fruits of the system they hate so much.