Friday, November 8, 2013

a mockery of a mock trial

Once again Peter Foster does the heavy lifting and attends an event so that we don't have to.  This time it's the nutty left/lib fake "trial" of David Suzuki put on by and for Suzuki fans at the Royal Ontario Museum:
... The event was a cross between a mock trial and a bizzaro Soviet show trial. In show trials the victim had already been condemned. In the Suzuki version, the environmental celebrity’s innocence was never in doubt.

... The audience was treated before the show to sounds of chain saws, and giant projections of open pit oil sands mining and refineries. I think that’s called “priming.”

... Then came the vote. Would it be a nail biter? No, it was a Suzuki super landslide from the audience, and an acquittal from the jury. There were whoops of victory over, er, nobody except that tiny handful of brave masochists who had suffered through this charade then dared to put up their hands for “Guilty.”

.. the fact that a real judge and real lawyers took part brings discredit on the legal system.  The real lesson of this mockery of a mock trial was what it said about the objectivity and openness of Suzuki nation.  They reach consensus by having conversations in echo chambers. They try themselves, certain of acquittal. They claim persecution while suggesting their opponents should be silenced. If you want to know what’s wrong with the IPCC, and why there is still no real debate over climate, the trial of David Suzuki exposed it in microcosm.
Great column! Suzuki and his nit-wit followers will hate it.

Update: The Aussies take note.

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The ultimate strawman.