Sunday, November 24, 2013

Conrad Black's defence of Mayor Rob Ford

The salvation of Ford: Conrad Black on why Rob Ford can win again
... nothing has come to light that disqualifies him from fulfilling the mandate his electors gave him, and I do not believe that the City Council has any legal capacity to redefine the powers of the mayor ...

... Mayor Ford’s detractors should realize that instead of hounding him from office, they have probably, by their bestial self-righteous excess and implicit mockery of a large echelon of the population that identifies with the mayor, made him more popular than ever. They have mocked human foibles a great many voters share, without shame, if not proudly. ... The law of unintended consequences asserts itself again, and it will be interesting to see whom it strikes.
Conrad at his best. Love it!  Though I'd say that in addition to that "implicit mockery" there was a lot of explicit mockery and insult of Ford voters by many including Post columnists J Kay and A. Coyne.

See also, Peter Foster's: Unravelling the Fordian Knot


Anonymous said...

A crook defending a thug. Sounds about right.

Sue said...

Oh the delicious irony of your name and post.


JR said...

Crook? He wasn't convicted of theft.
Thug? How so?
Two sloppy swings, two misses.

Irony? What irony?

dmorris said...

Anonymous said...

"A crook defending a thug."

Anon, why bring Chretien and Gagliano into a post about Ford, by Black?

I don't understand.

JR said...

Heh. Good one, d.