Friday, November 8, 2013

Jim Flaherty's humanity to Rob Ford

Kelly McParland: Jim Flaherty’s humanity to Rob Ford sticks out from the baying mob
Jim Flaherty went up a couple of notches in my estimation on Thursday, when he found himself unable to speak coherently about the fix his friend, Rob Ford, is in.

... It appears the federal finance minister has failed to grasp that Rob Ford is no longer an extremely flawed human who has manoeuvred himself into a horror story of his own creation, but prey to a self-righteous pack that sees him only as a target to be brought down, and feeds on its shared callousness. He feels bad for the man; he doesn’t care about the story, which is what the mob cares about.

... The Star, which congratulates itself on its leading role in the unhappy tale, has abandoned even the pretense of civility.

... We’re not talking about anyone human here, just a target. He gets the thumbs down from the crowd, you stick a sword in him. It’s been going on for centuries.

Mr. Flaherty, at least, stands out for retaining some compassion. You won’t find any at the Star. I’m glad I don’t work there. If I did, I’d be embarrassed.
Meanwhile, about that video showing Ford's supposedly out-of-control rant -  "Rob Ford sounds like he’s doing a Hulk Hogan impression because… he’s doing a Hulk Hogan impression"


Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star, Bill Blair, and the CBC.

Anonymous said...

I hope both 'left' and 'right' see that kicking a man already down is unacceptable regardless of what particular ideology one holds.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Conservatives were harsh on drug users. When a conservative hero turns out to be a hard drug user, suddenly you all become liberals with compassion. It leaves the impression that conservative tough-on-drug policy is just schtick and not serious policy. It wreaks of being hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are harsh on Liberal drug users - Bad Justin Trudeau for taking a couple of tokes of MJ. For Rob Ford and his crack use, I expect him to get the same treatment that Trudeau gets - otherwise it is hypocrisy at its finest.