Thursday, November 21, 2013

David Cameron orders: "Ditch the green crap"

In yet another sign of a return to climate sanity:
David Cameron has ordered ministers to ditch the ‘green crap’ blamed for driving up energy bills and making business uncompetitive, it is claimed. 
The Prime Minister, who once pledged to lead the ‘greenest government ever’, has publicly promised to ‘roll back’ green taxes, which add more than £110 a year to average fuel bills. 
But a senior Tory source said Mr Cameron’s message in private is far blunter.  The source said: ‘He’s telling everyone, “We’ve got to get rid of all this green crap.” He’s absolutely focused on it.’

Politicians are waking up, one at a time - and none too soon.


Update: On the other hand, James Delingpole writes: "On green issues no one talks more 'crap' than David Cameron"
 ... Let us not forget that only last week Cameron was explicitly linking Typhoon Haiyan to "climate change." 
... David Cameron talking about cutting green crap is like King Herod talking about improved babycare for male children in Judaea.


Powell Lucas said...

I wonder how long it will take, if ever, for the CBC or the Toronto Star to report on this.

JR said...

Good question, Powell. No sign of it so far.