Wednesday, March 26, 2014

EU climate policy enabled Russian blackmail

Peter Foster:
... Russia’s strategic strength in Europe springs (apart from its willingness to use force) from the fact that the EU has been asleep at the energy policy switch, blinded by its climate obsessions.

... Europe’s commitment to green energy has been not merely expensive and disruptive – without measurable impact on climate – it has left the EU comprehensively exposed to Russian blackmail.

...While Russia was flexing its muscles, Europe was fretting about controlling the weather a century hence....
On the bright side, maybe Canadian energy exports will help rescue the EU: 
... Europeans realize that the Canadian government is more than eager to promote exports of both oil and gas, ...

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Anonymous said...

CBC Science Jornalist education? check
his comments found on CBC Climate Change report: The good the bad news for Canada - Quirks and Quarks
are we stupid? NOT ME