Monday, March 17, 2014

Nortel's "culture of arrogance" led to its demise

Globe and Mail:
The collapse of telecommunications giant Nortel Networks Corp. was caused by “a culture of arrogance and even hubris”...

... A University of Ottawa team of professors, led by lead researcher Jonathan Calof, released a detailed analysis Monday of Nortel’s failure ...

... The roots of Nortel’s collapse stretched back into the 1990s, the report said ... From the era of John Roth’s leadership as CEO ["cashed in his own stock options for a personal gain of $135 million in 2000 alone"] in the late 1990s onward, “it was felt by many R&D staff that management rarely listened to the engineers and that, when they did, they did not appear to understand.”
John Roth, CEO of the year for 2000.

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