Monday, March 24, 2014

Great Britain "A Society of Cowards"

Pat Condell:

Michael Coren with Tarek Fatah:


Anonymous said...

i am amzed that canadians are as cowardly as they are. rarely is there ever a comment about the evil that is islam and we never get to see a moderate muslim stand up against the violence. oh, sure there are a few out of the billon plus muslims who will stand up but then they are not really muslims if the do not adhere to the teachung of the koran. cowardas, yes we are. old white guy.

JR said...

Sadly, for the most part you are right. But there are a few brave and principled souls out there. Almost all of them can be found at Sun News and among conservatives elsewhere (eg. Steyn and bloggers like Blazing Cat Fur). None are to be found at other "mainstream" media outlets or on leftist web sites.

Anonymous said...

Well in Canada we got our little child Omar Khadar and his family of terrorists living as proud jihadists right in good old Toronto.

England had already forgotten about the Rigby incident just like the U.S. has forgotten about Jahar Tsarnaev who proudly made the cover of the rollin stone. Gee I just heard today K.I.S.S. finally made the cover of the Rollin Stine after 40 years. Gee boys shoulda turned Muslim and jihaded it!

Yeah good old Muslim appeasement and we do it well here in Canada.
I see that Harper done lots to protect free speech. Just ask Ezra over at Sun News. Just another one of Harper's broken election promises.