Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Harper is at his finest in standing up to Moscow"

It's rare that I agree with Michael den Tandt, but with this excellent column he's dead on!
... on the Ukraine file, since Russia’s illegal, duplicitous and reckless invasion of Crimea, the Prime Minister has been at his best. Both he and Foreign Minister John Baird deserve credit for the clear, principled and authoritative position they have taken, up to and including championing Russia’s indefinite suspension from the G8, now again the G7.
 Most of the critics of Stephen Harper's tough stand on Putin and Ukraine come off sounding like cheerleaders for the Chamberlain school of foreign policy.

It should quite obvious to everyone, as it most certainly is to Stephen Harper, that Canada alone does not carry a stick big enough (either economic or military) to threaten Vladimir Putin.  But that does not mean it is inappropriate for Harper to advocate for strong measures by members of our military and economic alliances. And many of them need all the help they can get to stiffen their spines. Tough talk (and action) aimed at constraining an obvious aggressor like Putin is exactly what is called for.


dmorris said...

National Post comments are getting as bad as CBC, HATE Harper,all the time.

Not much Harper or Canada can do,the "ball" was dropped,actually never even carried, by the alleged Leader of the Free World, big time.Syria,Egypt,and Ukraine can be laid at Obama's doorstep,the buck stops right there at the White House.

Harper is doing what he can,while tomorrow VP Joe Biden flies to Ukraine,two weeks late.

Anonymous said...

Harper is really good at talking and that's it. I'm sure that Putin is over there in Russia laughing and saying who that guy named Harper and what's Canada going to do about it.

Take a look at well Harper has performed regarding the Islamic terror situation here in Canada? I wont even mention his child solider Omar or Omar's terrorists family who openly support Jihad against the free world. Omar's father died fighting the free world. Omar's brother was wounded, is now wheelchair bound and being supported by the great Canadian health care and welfare system.
Harper continues to allow tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees from Islamic nations every year into Canada that openly support terrorism and jihad against the free world.
Harper done nothing but appease Islam and all the crap rhetoric about the religion of peace stuff.
Maybe Harper, Justine, Thomas and Obama can all go to a Mosque and pray for peace in Russia.

Anonymous said...

The people who leave hate filled comments about issues they have no clue about dont vote, its too hard to leave the house and the lap top. Its why the Libs and the NDP struggle on election day.
Both partys attract the "wishers and hopers" who when it means the most wont get up and do anything about it. I have 2 children, both in their early 20's, both bitch and whine about everything under the sun, both of them have never voted, and, Im glad they dont because they both are Left wing, both ideological on issues they know nothing about and, right now they are not educated enough in life and in school to trust to do the right thing. Let them vent on comment boards because its all they know what to do.