Monday, March 17, 2014

The end is nigh! Repent!

The National Post's Ian Hunter gets sucked in by the latest doom-monger:
... Elizabeth Kolbert — a staff writer at The New Yorker whose new book 'The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History' is likely to be one of the most-talked-about non-fiction books of the year.

... A mass extinction that’s already underway and likely to be the most devastating since an asteroid struck the Earth and brought an end to dinosaurs. The difference this time is that we, humanity, are the asteroid....

... it is not just climate change: We are cutting down the rain forests, acidifying the oceans, moving species around the world at breakneck speed and pumping out more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere can handle. ... [Actually, most of that is about climate change.]’s difficult to be sanguine in the face of the evidence she presents.

Hunter, a lawyer and journalist, is enthralled by the apocalyptic speculations of another journalist.

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