Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brian's green blarney

Peter Foster:
Brian Mulroney’s speech earlier this week to Canada 2020 – a “progressive” group of PR/government advisory types who pretend to chart the country’s future – presumably involved walking a fine pipeline.

...  he leavened his recommendations with an attack on Mr. Harper’s leadership on energy and climate issues.

... shouldn’t the man who dismantled the National Energy Program be a little more skeptical about grand strategies?

...  it was Mr. Mulroney, by his early promotion of climate catastrophe, and his cuddling up to the subversive issue of sustainable development, who in many ways created the bed of policy nails on which Mr. Harper is forced to lie.

... Mr. Mulroney promoted the kinds of toxic policies with whose consequences Mr. Harper has had to struggle, accusing our current PM of lack of vision amounts go to green gall in more ways than one.

Buzz off Brian, you've had your chance.  And, haven't you heard, it's exceedingly bad form to bad-mouth a fellow Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Mulroney was a disappointing PM. Free Trade and Acid Rain policies aside. A smarmy man.

Anonymous said...

Mulrooney alone was responsible for the decimination of the Progressive Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Why blame PM Harper for the fact that Obama doesn't want to approve Keystone?

Anonymous said...

just found this site thanks to Joanne

at least Mulroney realizes we need oil and gas

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go as far as Mulroney nonetheless we should at least pretend to care about climate change not because its an issue (its not a serious threat, minor adjustment yes, but that's about it), but rather we need to find markets to export our oil too and if we at least pretend to care were less likely to get blocked. In the case of the US it largely depends on who is in the White House which off course will switch back and forth between the Dems and GOP as it always has while there is the EU who no matter who is in power seems to be on the climate change bandwagon.

On the whole though I was a strong supporter of Mulroney. He was a visionary willing to make some tough choices that weren't popular. He brought us GST (which is more economically efficient than the hidden manufacturer's sales tax), free trade, privatized several inefficient crown corporations like Air Canada and Petro-Canada (or in the latter got it started and the Liberals under Chretien finished it off), took a strong stand against Apartheid in South Africa when most other western leaders were reluctant too. Off course his handling of Meech Lake was probably what ultimately did him in. The reality is the Mulroney coalition was that of the PCs, Reform, and BQ and while you could have two of those under one banner, all three was bound to blow up. Harper by contrast only his two which is what that coalition is much more stable. Also at that time due to population distribution it wasn't possible to win a majority without Quebec whereas today it is.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the weather
when will these clear facts be recognized