Friday, April 18, 2014

In defense of the Fair Elections Act

'Mainstream' media' pundits are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the Tory Fair Election Act.  Their obsessive, near hysterical attacks leave a strong impression of collusion. Ezra Levant and guest, Gerald Chipeur, offer some common sense rebuttal:


Alain said...

These are much the same people who required several dosages of smelling salts when the government stopped making the long form census mandatory. Outside the extreme Left and low information, uninformed, who takes them seriously?

JR said...

Agree, Alain. The far left and Justin Trudeau's entire fan base fit that description - which is who the Media Party and the Elections Canada partisans are trying to stoke to get them to vote.

Martin said...

I think the difference of opinion on the election rules, stems from whether one emphasizes voter turnout, or strict voter qualifications. Elections Canada, particularly Mayrand has tilted towards the former. Too many examples exist from 2011 that point this out.EC own audit widely reported last fall listed 165,000 cases of irregularities because of poor training for polls workers. This item is strangely absent from his latest testimony.
The recent video (SDA) of the EC official's testimony re the reserve using a raffle to get out the vote, and of 100% voting record for 1 candidate is astonishing in Canada in 2014. Yet EC did nothing whatever except count the ballots.
In particular EC quixotic campaign to increase vote on reserves at all costs clearly has to be examined critically.

As for the main media, none of these examples get reported. In the Chretien era diminishing margins of victory for his Justice Minister were widely believed to involve illegal voters' addresses. EC did nothing
and the media jokingly christened her "Landslide Annie"