Friday, April 18, 2014

Shocking new phenomenon: HuffPo admits global cooling

James Delingpole:
Scientists believe they have discovered a near-unprecedented phenomenon - rarer, more elusive and mysterious than even the God Particle: an article in The Huffington Post on the subject of the environment and climate change which doesn't once mention 'man-made global warming."...

... How can this possibly be?" asked Professor Otto Spengler of the University of East Anglia's Department of Environmentalist Bullshit Studies.  

... Professor Spengler and his team have been working through the night to try to analyse the phenomenon and have come up with two competing theories. 1. It's a terrible accident.... ,or 2. There has been an incredible, tectonic shift in HuffPo's understanding of the world. ...

"But we think the first explanation is more likely," added Prof Spengler. 

"The HuffPo - like the Guardian and the BBC - doesn't really do science because the readers find it upsetting.  ... [Predictably the HuffPo comment thread on its article is crammed with "deniers" - of global cooling, that is.]
Classic Delingpole (who, btw, is no longer with the Telegraph).


Anonymous said...

HP is the other rag that symbolizes nothing worthwhile.
I'm very surprised they are still in business.

JR said...

Apparently they have a solid following on the loony left.

Anonymous said...

It's all about sunspots and there are not enough to keep the Hockey Stick pointed up. Wave goodbye to Global Warming Alarmists. Don't worry about your Carbon Foot Print. Stack the wood high and long through this sunspot solar minimum, one step above Mini-Ice Age which will last into 2035. I warned Huff 4 years ago. Last laugh but cooling is more deadly than warming. Joe the Plumber summery l.