Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sponsor of Islamic conference addressed by Justin Trudeau raided and listed as terrorist entity

IRFAN-Canada, a Muslim "relief" group was raided by the RCMP and listed as a terrorist entity by the feds.

 IRFAN had it's charitable status revoked in 2011.In 2012 it sponsored the Reviving Islam Conference which featured Justin Trudeau as a speaker.

See also stories by The Toronto Star, the CBC, the Globe and Mail and Maclean's.  Note that, unlike Sun News and the National Post, none of these bothered to mention Trudeau's controversial link to this story. 

Here's Michael Coren:


Anonymous said...

The media have their boy Junior Trud in a hermetically sealed protective bubble where nothing the idiot boy says or does escapes the medias protective fortress. When Junior opines about how much he "admires Chinas basic dictatorship" the media jump to the rescue and say "he was just kidding" and when Pierre's dictatorship loving son panders for votes from terrorist organizations the media are incapable of connecting the dots. The media have a whole year of protective covering for their dumbass candidate, a see no evil hear no evil, and definitely speak no evil scenario. Trustupid will be cheered on by the media, but not scrutinized, and definitely not criticized, just like Oshitforbrains down south, lets hope this subterfuge of democracy doesn't work, or we're all in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

we are in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

And here is the thing - was Trudeau PAID to speak at this event?