Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukraine - CF fighters deployed to Europe

Today PM Harper committed to the deployment of six F-18s to Europe in response to NATO's call for help.  This adds to similar deployments from the USA:
... The Americans have so far sent 18 F-15 and F-16 jets to the region, which risked getting embroiled in a wider conflict Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin won approval to use armed force in eastern Ukraine if necessary on the pretext of protecting ethnic Russians.
A step in the right direction, but still insufficient to deter Putin.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Harper must be commended for his commitment towards democracy and freedom. Since Mr. Harper has been elected, Canada is now a world leader in promoting human rights, freedom and democracy around the world. Canada military effort in Afghanistan has been a complete success where now over 7 million children can attend school where over half of them are girls. Afghanistan now has open and free elections, a constitution and the people are free from the oppression an tyranny of the Taliban. May God bless our troops who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Europe.

JR said...


Anonymous said...

PM Harper appears to be the only G7 leader who truely understands what a threat Putin is and how to handle him -- not thru huffing & puffing and finger wagging by a super power to the south, and wishy washy sanctions from the EU -- Putin only understands deployment of military force -- just think, this would not have progressed to such a situation if a fleet of 3-4 USN ships went into the Black Sea on February 29th.

gerry from gta