Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CSR de-fanged?

Peter Foster: Conservatives de-fang Canada’s CSR policy
... The Harper government’s recent announcement of an “enhanced” CSR strategy for mining ... is designed to reduce irresponsible interference, not facilitate it.

...  it in fact represents a further turning away from the previous Liberal government’s attempt to accommodate and promote ENGO activism.

... The “enhanced” Conservative strategy ... much less of a potential corporate burden since radical ENGOs are not calling the shots. The Harper government has stopped funding anti-mining ENGOs such as Kairos, which had been front and centre in pushing the CSR Trojan Horse into the corporate boardroom. ...

It's good to see that something's being done to cut the legs out from under the ENGO (Extremist NGO) shakedown artists and put the hitherto bogus CSR concept to good use for once.

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