Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Islamist murder in Paris

Islamist terrorists today attacked equal opportunity satirical weekly paper "Charlie Hebdo", killing at least twelve in cold blood.

Charlie Hebdo's somewhat generous estimate of the Islamist sense of humour
["100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter!"]

The killers were apparently well trained and well organized:
Masked and garbed in black, the AK-47 wielding assassins appeared to be executing a well-coordinated plan in the late-morning raid, methodically seeking out and executing those targeted for death, and making a clean getaway ...

... said retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters ... “It was evident immediately that this was a carefully planned, sophisticated operation by well-trained, well-armed veterans of jihad, ... This was not a pick-up team. These butchers were methodical and efficient. They weren't just terrorists: They were terrorist commandos.”
Vile Islamists praised the attack, and
the Dhimmi-in-Chief hedged on the matter of terror and Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Muslims hate us. It's bad enough that Harper let Omar Khadr back in the country but why are we taking in 10,000 Syrians? How many terrorists will be hidden in that many? Harper has lost his mind.