Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TransCanada fed up with Foot-Dragger-In-Chief's glib KXL fabrications

Claudia Cattaneo:
... Twice Tuesday, [TransCanada] issued statements on the US$8-billion pipeline, one correcting the White House’s economic reading, the other questioning the “well-established” process involved.

... The tone is similar to that struck in recent months, when TransCanada president Russ Girling accused President Obama of “pure fabrication” when describing KXL as an export pipeline, or called into question the President’s environmental movement-inspired views on the project.

... President Obama’s glib views on the Canadian project are leaving TransCanada with no choice but to crank up the pressure — or die trying.

... “The review process for Keystone XL has been  anything but a ‘well-established process’,” ...
Corcoran has more.

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