Thursday, January 29, 2015

The moral outrage of climate doomsters

Peter Foster:
Al Gore once suggested that since climate change is a “moral issue,” it is “beyond politics.” You must not question “settled” science or policy “consensus.”

Moral issues are ultimately about how we treat each other. Those such as Mr. Gore who espouse grim Biblical projections of droughts, floods and plagues of insects, all caused by the malign hand of industrial capitalist man ...

...  that still leaves the question of whether catastrophic projections are likely to be true, and the policies proposed likely to be effective.

... If anybody doubts that such questions lead to moral opprobrium, check out the online comments on my most recent column.  ... noted that the claim that 2014 was the “hottest year on record” was highly uncertain ... also refuted the notion that for 13 of the past 15 years to be “the hottest years on record” ... My reward for these observations was a tsunami of moral outrage. 
Naturally, Foster got his predicted second dose of moral opprobrium.

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